Ranford Almond

Bringing the soul from Greensboro, North Carolina, Ranford Almond is a young
singer/songwriter and troubadour that has begun to make his mark across the Southeast. Raspy fresh vocals meet the Appalachian strings of Ranford’s guitar, reminiscent of John Prine and Townes Van Zandt with his own unique stamp. Furthermore, his talent extends far beyond composition and acoustic picking, as he is a warrior on the electric as well. Ranford plays as a solo artist and leads a full band.

Ranford Almond’s forthcoming full length debut Old Soul is due to arrive in 2023, and demonstrates the evolution of Almond’s ability as he grows as both a writer, arranger, and player. The album, recorded at Ovation Sound, will feature a litany of nationally recognized guests, as well as the tutelage of its producer, Bill Stevens.

In addition to Almond’s studio explorations, his live history is evident of his growth on stage. Spreading beyond its home of the Piedmont Triad, it has begun to meet new stages and audiences. Festival appearances include Mountain Music Festival, Shakori Hills, The New River Gorge Festival, The Big What?, Trail Days, The Casual Campout, and more. Other notable stand alone plays include headlining the grand opening of The Flat Iron, appearing under the lights on the big screen of Winston Salem’s Drive In, a feature and headlining appearance of the North Carolina’s “Writer’s In The Round” series and its live counterpart Singers & Songbirds. As of Winter 2023, Almond made his Colorado debut as a solo artist in Steamboat Springs, following his prior guest appearances with Big Something in the region.

Ranford’s live collaborative projects link him to significant established talent as well. Red Panda is a six piece unit that sees him join forces with the likes of Nick MacDaniels with whom he also shares a duo, and Jesse Hensley, both of Big Something. Ranford can be found fronting a trio with Daniel Yount (Super Yamba Band), and Seth Barden, two staples of the New York City

“Mature. These days, it is not a term commonly used to describe someone of Ranford Almond’s age. However, young Ranford displays a maturity in his songwriting that belies his young 23 years of age. Throughout his journey of folksy tunes, abundant with lyrical depth and emotional songwriting, it can be easy for the listener to mistake these songs as those of a much more rugged and traveled character, grizzled by years of burden and heartbreak.”
-Ryan McBrayer, The Jamwich